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About Us

So, how do you explain to someone what Northminster is like?

One of the recurring pictures the Bible gives of the church is a body—as in human body. We are told that God organizes the church body to function effectively by bringing together exactly the right people and empowering them in amazing ways (check out I Corinthians 12 for this image). As senior pastor, it has been my high privilege to watch this process at Northminster for over twenty years. Every week God catches someone’s attention and the most important relationship in life begins. Then, in time, God says, “Since we’re getting to know each other better, let me show you what I have in mind for you.” And, sometimes, hesitantly at first, they begin to use some gift they have been given for the common good. I have watched drummers, bass players and guitarists discover that at this church their gifts are needed and necessary. I have watched a woman overcome her initial “I could never do this!” to volunteer with the three-year-olds “just for this Sunday.” She came back the next Sunday and the next, and eventually became one of the most loved teachers of preschoolers I have ever known. I’ve watched a university professor, a banker and an accountant discover joy in collecting and distributing clothes to the homeless. I’ve watched a detective learn that he is an excellent leader of teenagers. And I’ve observed a lawyer and a receptionist figure out that providing food for hungry people brings them deep satisfaction. It happens so frequently that when I meet you, I’ll find myself thinking, “I wonder what God has in mind for them?” As you’re learning about Northminster, I hope that you’ll wonder the same thing: “What does God have in mind for me?” I look forward to meeting you, and I pray that you’ll get to know the people who make up this extraordinary church. Northminster is an incredible family that is here to help you discover and grow in the most important relationship in the world—your relationship with God.

Sammy Williams
Senior Pastor

We seek Christ's purposes and vision in everything we do and offer.

Just as a church has a purpose, so each individual is created by God for a purpose. A life with purpose and meaning begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ. Through that relationship we discover and fulfill the purpose for which each of us is uniquely created.


What will the service be like?

Worship, drama, media presentations, and practical messages are all elements of Northminster's weekend service in our Worship Center. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, so bring your coffee into the service and enjoy messages that really connect with your life, like raising children, managing your money, making decisions and dealing with relationships. Check it out

If you prefer a traditional, formal worship time, our retro service is for you. You'll find time-honored music and life-oriented preaching, along with a warm welcome.

What should I wear?

No ties, please, in our celebration service. (Unless you're really into ties!) How you dress doesn't matter- it's you that matters.

How long are the services?

The weekend services typically last about an hour.

For your Family

You'll find a place for everybody at Northminster

Our Youth and Children's Ministries provide exciting experiences for children from birth through high school. Your child will have a great time in a safe, friendly kid-centered environment!

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Retro Service
9:30 AM Sunday
In the Chapel
Celebration Service
11:00 AM Sunday
In the Contemporary Worship Center
Kids Korner (Infants – 4th grade)
11:00 AM Sunday
In the Children's Wing
Club 56
(5th & 6th graders)
11:00 AM Sunday
In the Children's Wing
Real Talk
(Middle & High Schoolers)
6:00 PM Wednesday

As always, casual dress, comfortable setting and conversational message